11 April 17

Yard Planner – Técnico de Planemaneto Portuário

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The yard planner organizes the allocation of containers in the yard, trying to maximize the performance of the cranes, avoiding interruptions, minimizing dead time in shifting the containers and optimizing the available space. To do this he must take account of the work of all the yard cranes, according to the list of containers from loading and unloading of all ships and trains within or entering at that moment. He must therefore solve scheduling problems using all available data on trains, trucks and ships to load and unload. He/she assigns the position where to place the container making reference to procedural parameters, using computer tools. The result is a work list that shows the operators (shift manager and quay crane operators and square) the order in which to move the individual containers for each crane present in the square and quayside.


1.      Being able to carry out the supervision of handling operations in the square


To oversee the handling of containers and goods according to the predetermined plan .
To develop and update the programming activities in different times and for different data available ,
To check the progress of the planned operations, assessing the performance and statistics process.

2.      Being able to program the allocation of spaces in the square


To assign the location where to place the container by reference to procedural parameters (company, ship, destination, type of goods )
To use computer -based tools logistics optimization algorithms,
To process and send to the shift manager the operational sequences for handling



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Yard Planner Técnico de Planemaneto Portuário