19 May 17

Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea II – WINMOS II

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WINMOS IIThe present project is a wider benefits MoS Action with impact on the North Sea–Baltic Sea corridor and aims to secure year round navigation in the European Union’s northernmost waters while further developing cooperation between Finland, Estonia and Sweden for icebreaking services. Through nine activities, the Action will further develop an icebreaking dedicated information and communication system (IBNext), upgrade and extent life of existing Swedish and Finish icebreakers (works), pilot a removable bow for icebreakers, develop required training and prepare life extension of Estonian icebreakers.

In the long term, it will safeguard continuous and sustainable maritime services in winter conditions, which is crucial for the region’s industries and trade. The studies undertaken under this Action will be used as decision making for future investment decisions.

Member States involved:

Estonia, Finland, Sweden

Implementation schedule Start date:

February 2016 End date: October 2019

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Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea II – WINMOS II

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