12 August 14




The WinMos project is an action aiming to further develop efficient maritime transport during winter when sea ice covers large parts of the EU’s northernmost waters.

The Action will develop and adapt the winter navigation system for the benefit of all stakeholders involved in trade and maritime transport in the Baltic Sea area. It includes further cooperation between ice breaking authorities, resource planning, as well as upgrading and renewal of the necessary icebreaking resources.

The Action will contribute in particular to formulation of an icebreaking long term strategy in the Baltic Sea, improvements of the environmental performance and fuel saving on old engines aboard an existing Swedish icebreaker, piloting new fuel injection technique (common rail) on other icebreakers as well as upgrading the existing Icebreaking Management System, IBNet, to the contemporary needs.

Software for training simulators for winter navigation will be upgraded to become more realistic. Sufficient icebreaking resources for the next coming years will be ensured by life extension measures executed on four Swedish icebreakers built in the ’70s and a new building of a Finnish state-owned icebreaker. These vessels are together a prerequisite for winter navigation in the Northernmost Baltic Sea area. Sufficient icebreaking resources will ensure efficient winter navigation for the next coming years, which is of high importance for the trade between the Northern and the more Central part of the European Union


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