15 October 15

WiderMoS final conference: outcomes inside the project


WIDERMOS, a project funded by the EU TEN-T Motorways of the Sea programme, is closing its successful activities started in June 2013. The outcomes of WiderMoS project will be presentedin La Spezia on 28th and 29th of October during two full days of interventions and presentations.

Partners from the four countries involved in the project (Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal) and their stakeholders will explain the main outcomes of the project.

Two specific sessions will be fully dedicated to the illustration of the results: in day 1, the main institutional, logistics and industrial actors that have added their contribution to the development of the corridor information pipelines in the four countries within WiderMoS project will show their outcomes.

Interventions in the “WiderMoS Outcomes – IT Session” will be held by Federica MONTARESI (WiderMoS Coordinator), Teresa ALVARO (Italian Customs Agency), Sebastiano GRASSO (Vice President Contship Italia Group), Milena BENZI (Ikea Italia), Sergio VELASQUEZ (Asta Logistics), Christoph BUECHNER (Kombiverkehr), Marinho DIAS (CIO Port Authority of Leixões)and Sture UDD (CEO Up Code).

In day 2, the consultants and expertise, which have developed several important studies about the governance of the Motorways of the Sea within WiderMoS project, will show their outcomes.

Interventions in the “WiderMoS Outcomes – Policy Session” will be held by Hilda GHIARA (University of Genoa), Aida AXELSSON (ADS Insight), Klaus-Uwe SONDERMANN (KombiConsult), Michele Giromini (La Spezia Container Terminal), Peter VAN DUEREN (Dutch Customs), Irene ROSBERG (Copenhagen Business School) and Francesco MUNARI (University of Genoa).

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