15 April 15

WiderMos: basic ideas for the Working Group on Customs


On Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th of March, the WiderMos Project partners met at Frankfurt Intercity Hotel in discussing the progress of the activities and future challenges.

Within the activity 2 of the project, focused on the Governance of Core Network Corridors, there are four different Working Groups, on Customs, Logistic, Green Corridors and Core&Comprehensive Network.

The Working Group on Customs, are leaded by Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency.


As explained at the meeting, the activities of the WG are now focused on:

–       Process analysis, sharing and re-engineering

–       Virtual infrastructures.

–       Interoperability and cooperation between administrations and traders.

–       Interoperability among Port Community Systems, Customs system and local logistic platforms

–       Coordination of activities at European level 


The main idea of the activities is to focus on a single process, following the shipment of a container from a customs perspective, laying the ground to investigate on how to integrate different transport modes and how new technologies, such as e-seal or GPS, could facilitate new scenarios for a seamless supply chain.

The following topics are now under discussion within the activities of the Working Group:



Activities are ongoing with good results. First outputs of the Working Group activities will be shown in the next WiderMos meetings.

For more information drop a line to: widermos@porto.laspezia.it