28 July 14


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20160119_onthemosway_shede_widerlogo-WiderMoSWidermos relates to the recent policy developments within TEN-T. It contributes to the European policy developments and in particular to the revised TEN-T guidelines that contains a new approach within the entire transport infrastructure designed with two layers:

As an operative and policy supporting framework, the Action will improve long term effective and sustainable connection between the sea and other transport modes (mainly rail) by developing new port/ship/train interfaces and will contribute to kick off the analysis of how MoS will be linked to the governance model of the TEN-T priority corridors.

The expected results are:

  1. Five Pilot Projects, demonstrating the effectiveness of a better structured interoperability between modes, with particular integration of MOS

  2. A policy supporting activity defining the medium term prospective options for MoS in 2020

  3. A deeper analysis of 4 very specific topics concerning the role of MoS in the development of the TEN-T core network

  4. corridors governance model.

Source: tentea.ec.europa.eu

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