20 September 17

USCG to present Amver Awards to Dutch ship owners at Europort 2017

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banner NL2Amver Awards will be presented to no fewer than 31 Dutch shipping companies on the first day of this year’s Europort show in Rotterdam. Between them, these ship operators manage a total of 165 vessels engaged in the US Coast Guard-managed Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (Amver) programme which has been saving lives at sea for almost 60 years.

Amver’s unique set-up relies on the voluntary participation of commercial vessel operators to go to the aid of ships and seafarers in distress. Many thousands of ships are enrolled in Amver, from countries all over the world and on any one day, more than 7,000 vessels report their position and are potentially available to provide assistance.

The Awards will be presented to participating Dutch ship operators by USCG representatives on the first day of the show, Tuesday November 7, at 3 pm.

Source: Europort