16 June 16

Upgrading and sustaining the competitive Baltic MoS link Germany-Finland (RoRo multiple ports loop)

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Baltic MoS link Germany-FinlandThe MoS service between the Core ports of Rostock-Luebeck-Travemuende, Turku and Kotka, comprehensive port of Rauma and port of Uusikaupunki is a vital link connecting Germany and Finland along three Core Network Corridors. In line with the Global Project’s objectives, this action has two objectives. On one hand, to increase the productivity and capacity of the MoS link and service related terminal operations and on the other hand, to reduce the environmental impact of the ship operations.

To achieve these aims the maritime operator will upgrade three existing very modern and large freight RoRo ships deployed on the maritime link – namely “Finnbreeze”, “Finnsea” and “Finnsky”. Each vessel will be equipped with a wet-type open-loop hybrid ready emission abatement technology. In addition, energy efficiency measures will be installed on the same vessels for optimizing bunker consumption and minimizing the emission of green-house gases from ship operations. Quality, efficiency, capacity and safety increasing measures will be implemented in two of the ports regularly called, namely the TEN-T core port of Rostock (Germany) and the TEN-T comprehensive port of Rauma (Finland).

The Action will result in increased environmental performance and competitiveness of the MoS links, and will contribute to enhanced ports’ efficiency.

Member States involved:

Germany, Finland

Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2014

End date: December 2016

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Baltic MoS link Germany-Finland

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Source: INEA