12 April 17

University of Turku – partner presentation

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Brahea Centre is an independent unit at the University of Turku. Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) of the Brahea Centre at the University of Turku has got a strong knowledge and experience related to maritime issues, research and education. CMS produces high-quality academic research and advisory services, university level continuing education and custom-tailored education in addition to conferences based on the needs of the maritime industry. CMS also hosts the Shortsea Promotion Centre (SPC) Finland and actively takes part in international projects.

The CMS’s fields of expertise are maritime traffic and ports in the Baltic Sea, environmental aspects of shipping, maritime logistics and the development and trends in marine industry and in shipping companies. CMS specializes also in the socio-economic aspects of the maritime industry and education projects and services, having experience and know-how from producing of learning material.

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Link for additional information: mkk.utu.fi