04 June 15

On The MoS Way Network: Module #1 – LNG fuelled vessels design training

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LNGLNG training

corso modulo 1This course has been designed to provide an overview of the design process of an LNG fuelled ship. The course offers to the participants a unique opportunity to interact directly with experienced engineers and professionals for CAD/CAM principles, assumptions of design, special cryo issues, validation of work, in the light of the first LNG practical training course in Europe. The course will start by offering an overview of the situation of marine industry and explaining the reasons that led to the introduction of LNG as marine fuel. It will progress to LNG installations, giving detailed technical information about both the units are used in an LNG fuelled vessel and the process is followed for the proper operation of this kind of ships. The following stages of the course include LNG ship design issues, description of different ship types and LNG ship logistics analysis. Before the conclusion of the course, there will also be a practical part that will offer better understanding to the students. Special guests who are managing the largest companies involved with LNG, will offer some lectures during the course, a fact that constitutes a unique experience for every course attendee.

Course attendees: Course is prepared for professionals or students interested in enhancing their knowledge in the field of LNG installations and ship design with special focus on LNG port installations, pipelines, ship design and logistics. Course is in interest of postgraduate students from variety of specialization

General Information:

–  Time Period: Monday 6th of July 2015 to Friday 10th of July 2015

–  Duration: 35 Hours

–  Fee: No charge for European students

–  Distance learning teaching available

–  Information: Leonidas Chrysinas (leonidas.chrysinas.2013@uni.strath.ac.uk)

This module, as the others of the project that are not delivered in your country, can be attended through a videoconference tool as system of distance learning. If you live/if you study in one of the countries of the partners, please contact the Partner of your country to attend one of the modules or more.  If you don’t live/if you don’t study in one of the countries of the partners please contact the  partner closer to you to attend one or more modules.
Environmental Protection Engineering SA – elenpoly@epe.gr
City of Glasgow College – Prof. Stuart McDowall (Stuart.McDowall@cityofglasgowcollege.ac.uk)
IMO’s World Maritime University  – Prof. Aykut Olcer (aio@wmu.se), Dr. Fabio Ballini (fb@wmu.se)
University of Strathclyde (evangelos.boulougouris@strath.ac.uk – leonidas.chrysinas.2013@uni.strath.ac.uk)

Download here the Module 1 Sheet

Download here the Scheduling of the lessons