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There is still a set of needs to be addressed specifically in professional training and vocational education to bridge the knowledge gap between those working on the “opposite sides of the quay”

There is also a major need of creating a European education programme at Academic level that will have the capability of making new post graduates more aware of the challenges of the multi-modal transport sector.

Finally, there is a currently a lack of instruments to match demand and offer in terms of jobs and training within the addressed sector.

TRAINMOS II will develop a second step of the TrainMoS Global Project, taking into account some emerging needs in terms of transport and sustainability, as well as the challenges identified in the European Maritime Area, building upon the knowlkedge and the IT tools already generated in TRAINMOS I, improving them and covering a whole new range of topics.

An efficient multi-modal transport system needs integrated procedures and processes carried out by a specialized personnel with specific skills and knowledge in order to face the upcoming challenges that represents potential threats.

Focusing on and delivering propere training to the human element of Motorways of the Sea is essential to achive the safe, secure and sustainable maritime and logistic operations that are instrumental for European competitiveness.

By sharing the knowledge on MoS – related subjects, the TRAINMOS Global Project, which is in its crucial period from May to December 2015, aims at supporting the EC Priority Project Motorways of the Sea, promoting the EU multi-modal transport system and enabling a smart, sustainable and inclusive connection of the European regions and neighbouring countries.

WHOM TRAINMOS II is addressed to?

In order to create an effective and comprehensive training provision at all levels, it is necessary to include professional training and vocational education sub – programmes that make possible for future professionals to get specific knowledge for the different jobs needed in the maritime and logistic domains.

 The project therefore targets not only University graduates keen to join the workforce, but also professionals that already belong to the different sub – sectors in the multi-modal transport chain.


– Improve the existing IT tools in order to make a step forward in matching demand and offer on the side of jobs and training in the multi-modal transport sector: a tool, available both through the web site and an Android App, will be developed for students, people searching for job or training, companies looking for employees or vocational courses, job agencies, consultants, schools and training authorities; they can post requests/demands of job, training and services and, only by registration, they can make a search and find a match for their needs.

– Take into account stakeholders needs to deliver high quality contents at different levels;

– Deliver, free of charge, a set of  6 courses targeting professionals;

– Deliver, free of charge, a package of 6 modules targeting post-graduates and awarding 60 credits;

– Ground the basis of a modular MSc program recognized at EU level




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