11 November 13

TrainMos workshop in Constanta: ideas, opportunities and insights in the EU thanks to technology and innovation in Transport&Logistics.

On November 7, in Constanta, Romania, took place a one-day workshop dedicated to knowledge transfer and discussion on future business opportunities that can be generated thanks to technology and innovation, and  in this way be a driver of business recovery.

The workshop gave space to its participants for sharing ideas and highlighting  needs and opportunities of cooperation, in order to identify potential development in several topics as: Port single windows / Port Community Systems Corridor Platforms (linking the IT systems of the different actors within the logistic chain),  E-seals and customs procedures , Tracking and Tracing / Dangerous goods monitoring ,Economic development on the Danube corridor.

After the introduction about Trainmos and onthemosway.eu, the first step of the workshop was dedicated to a  knowledge transfer exercise about successful projects such as IfreightMed, WiderMos, Tiger and Tiger Demo and to provide a description of currently ongoing projects as Chemlog Tracking and Tracing.

The second phase consisted in identifying topics of potential interest  for a future development able to combine public objectives with private needs and opportunities also in terms of training and knowledge transfer needs; considering specific aspects and criticalities of the Constanta Area given the high strategic potential provided by its geographical position over the Black Sea.