18 November 13

TrainMoS seminar “Clean Marine Fuels: Policy & Strategies in the EU”

November 18, 2013

TrainMos Project foresees a serie of conferences and lectures held in universities from 7 European countries; in order to enhance the competitive potential gained thanks to the contribution of human capital throughout the EU. Within this framework, on December 4 a seminar will take place in Edimburgh, at the Scottish Parliament location; dedicated to “Clean Marine Fuels: Policy & Strategies in the EU” .
Moderated by Professor Alfred Baird from Edinburgh Napier University, the panel will provide an overview on TrainMoS project, and discuss the importance of Clean Fuel in the European TEN-T Programme thanks to the contribution of TrainMoS Project Coordinator Professor José Luis Almazán Gárate from the University of Madrid. Furthermore, clean fuel will be analyzed in its strategic potential and perspectives in the Bunkering, Marine Operations and Shipping industries.
Participants to the seminar will be given the chance to receive updates on the latest developments in the clean fuels market, to exchange opinions and points of view and have insights useful to elaborate strategies and move towards a greener and more sustainable transport system.