16 December 13

TrainMoS PA8 Seminar Clean Marine Fuels: Policy & Strategies in the EU

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Wednesday 4th December 2013

held at the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland

Coordinated by Edinburgh Napier University

The use of clean marine fuels has become a necessity in order to achieve the Marpol Annex VI emissions objective established for the different regions of the European Union. In order to tackle the issue of training for the use of clean marine fuels, TrainMoS Pilot Action 8, called “Clean Marine Fuels”, is intended to deal with a range of issues, including: Clean power for transport; Economic issues of the use of clean marine fuel; Clean marine fuels in the Baltic & North Sea zones: LNG in Baltic & North Sea Ports; Clean marine fuels in the Mediterranean zone; The use of LNG; The use of scrubbers, methanol and others; Retrofitting vs newbuildings; Port bunkering alternatives and refuelling on route; Clean fuels vs Core and Comprehensive Networks. This TrainMoS seminar held in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, sponsored by Chic Brodie MSP, forms part of a series of TrainMoS PA8 events. The seminar includes presentations from industry, policy and research entities on this subject.

You may have access to the final agenda and all the presentations held, at the links hereby enclosed: