09 December 14

TrainMoS II and a University programme to open with EU support

The Medi Telegraph write about TrainMoS II project and about the www.onthemosway.eu portal.

Here the complete article:

The EU’s TEN-T Programme will co-finance with almost €1.5 million the establishment a university programme at different levels in multimodal maritime transport. The programme will address university graduates and professionals looking for specific knowledge in the maritime and logistic area. Several EU universities, IT companies and organisations have joined forces to establish a Master, postgraduate diploma, certificate and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme developing further the concept of the European Maritime Area.

The programme will address university graduates and professionals from the various sectors in the multimodal transport chain. It will cover such topics as alternative fuels and technologies, and their impact on ports, logistics, damage control, evacuation/crisis management operations for very large passenger ships and their influence on port operations. In order to create a full training programme, professional training and vocational education sub-programmes will be included. Universities participating in the project are: University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (UK), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), National Technical University of Athens (Greece) and the Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy).

The content of the courses and other relevant info related to the content of the courses will be available through the portal www.onthemosway.eu. The project was selected for EU funding with the assistance of external experts under the TEN-T Multi-Annual Call 2013, Motorways of the Sea. Its implementation will be monitored by INEA, the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency. The project is to be completed by December 2015.