21 September 15

TrainMos II: University of Genoa and Liguria Region start the activities of the training course about Motorways of the Sea

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On Monday the 7th September, a very large and interested audience participated at the conference led by the University of Genoa within TrainMoS II project. The event, titled “The relevance of MoS in the EU transportation system and TEN-T”, took place in the building of Liguria Region during the whole day.

The conference had a double meaning: on one side, it was an occasion to discuss about the themes of the Motorways of the Sea involving many key players of the local and European institutions; on the other side, this event opened the training course organized by the University of Genoa titled “Maritime sustainability and MOS” .

After the welcome introduction by local institutions by Mrs. Ilaria Cavo, Counsellor of the Regional Administration, and Mr. Enrico Giunchiglia, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Genoa, a brief introduction about TrainMoS II project and its development on the web and within the academic world was held by Mr. Evangelos Boulougouris, TrainMoS II Project Coordinator, Mr. Alexio Picco (Circle) and Mr. Riccardo Bozzo (University of Genoa).

The core of the conference was the discussion about the academic programme and the module “Maritime Sustainability and MoS”. Two sessions were organized.

In Session 1 about the “European Perspective on full MoS development”, many important political authorities added their contribution to the discussion: a video message from Mr. Brian Simpson, the new Coordinator for the Motorways of the Sea, remarked the challenges for the MoS of the future and their role within the TEN-T; the intervention in live streaming by Mr. José Anselmo from DG MOVE illustrated the EC support to foster full MoS development by and beyond 2020; Mr. Sergio Cofferati, Member of the European Parliament, discussed about TEN-T and the European Parliament Perspective themes; Mr. Roberto Martinoli, Chairman of the European Shortsea Network, explained the perspective of new MoS reaching south-Med countries; Mr. Mario Tivegna, representing Mr. Lorenzo Forcieri, Director of the Ligurian District of Maritime Technologies and President of La Spezia Port Authority, showed the technological evolution to foster Blue Growth and a more efficient maritime transport in the Ligurian ports.

In Session 2 about the National and regional perspectives linked to EU policies, many experts in maritime sector intervened: Mr. Antonio Cancian, Chairman of RAM Spa, talked about the eco-bonus and ferro-bonus experience and the national contribution to TEN-T policies; Mr. Mario Dogliani, Head of Project Financing RINA Spa, explained the Italian perspectives about Motorways of the Sea and Transport policies and projects; Mr. Marco Conforti, Chairman of Assiterminal, talked about the business related to handling cargo in a port; Mr. Gian Luigi Miazza, President of Ligurian Ports, had a long dissemination about the value of MoS for the EU logistic “door” on the Mediterranean; Mr. Stefano Messina, Chairman of the Industrial Relations and Human Resources Committee at CONFITARMA, illustrated the challenges of ship-owners and seafarers in an evolving framework; Mr. Edoardo Rixi, Counsellor on Ports and Logistics of the Regional Administration, explained the Ligurian perspectives about the specialization of seaports to foster the attractiveness of the National ports system.

As underlined by all the interventions, and in particular by Mr. Brian Simpson and Mr. José Anselmo, local institutions and maritime actors firmly believe in the need to support with adequate training offer the process of delivery of services, infrastructure, multi-modal and environmental aspects of the Motorways of the Sea. The European project Trainmos II certainly respond to these expectations.

The conference had a very successful debate, involving a full room of participants, among of which 25 students of the training course, actors of the maritime and logistics sector, and press.

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Here available the presentations from the conference:

PRESENTATION 1-Training MoS and supporting a sustainable maritime transport system

PRESENTATION 2-Autostrade del mare politiche e progetti strategici

PRESENTATION 3-Handling cargo in a port, terminal operators new industry for an old business

PRESENTATION 4-The relevance of MoS in the EU transportation system and TEN-T

PRESENTATION 5-The Academic programme and the module “Maritime Sustainability and MoS

PRESENTATION 6-The Ecobonus and Ferrobonus Experiences and their contribution to the TEN-T Networks

PRESENTATION 7-Challenges of shipowners and seafarers

PRESENTATION 8-The Human Capital

PRESENTATION 9-MoS the paradigm