15 December 14

TrainMoS II Project – here the firts release of the stakeholder list

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TrainMos II project has, as deliverable,  the publication of a list of stakeholders, people interested in the project at different levels and in different phases of the project itself.

There are people interested in an active way, taking part in some actions of the projects, and other in a passive way, that only want to be updated about the development of the project and receive periodical information about the themes treated and the courses delivered.

This first release of  the stakeholder list  is provided with the Name, the Organization/Company/Institution, the Type of Organization/Company/Institution (private or public body), the Country. The original list is with the e-mail address for each stakeholder but for the online publication, this data was deleted for privacy reasons.

The list published below is only the starting point of the community of people interested in the project: in June it will be updated and enriched with the names of people involved in the consultations realized in the different countries interested in this activity, in order to define a training offer able to match the general needs expressed.

TrainMoS II Stakeholder list_first release