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TrainMoS II Post-graduate package course: Energy efficient operation including safe return to port and crisis management

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tm iThe University of Strathclyde will deliver this course which will focus the following topics

– Introduction-general regulatory aspects

– Introduction to IMO MPEC EEDI

– EEDI calculation

– EEDI examples

– Introduction to development of SEEMP

– SEEMP applications

– Introduction to IMO MPEC EEOI

– Guidelines to EEOI

– Regulatory framework for damage stability

– SOLAS 2009 framework

– Time domain simulations on damage stability

– IMO Safe Return to Port framework

– 2015 Safe Return to Port for Passenger vessels framework

– Investigation of complex scenarios regarding Safe Return to Port

– Crisis Management and Human Behavior (STCW) in Passenger ships

– Biological response plans


– Evacuation procedures and simulation for passenger ships

English will be the official language and students spread in the 5 Member States will attend the classes in live web streaming through a dedicated IT tool. Contents will be then uploaded/made available in an ad-hoc e-learning platform for further consultation.

The course will take place from 09/11/2015 to 20/11/2015 followed by an exam on 23/11/2015.

The course is free of charge

For more information contact the Leader University of Strathclyde – evangelos.boulougouris@strath.ac.uk – georgios.vavourakis@strath.ac.uk

This module, as the others of the project that are not delivered in your country, can be attended through a videoconference tool as system of distance learning. If you live/if you study in one of the countries of the university partners, please contact the University of your country  to attend one of the modules or more. If you don’t live/if you don’t study in one of the countries of the university partners please contact the university partners closer to you to attend one or more modules.   www.trainmos2.eu



University of Genoa /Perform (salini@perform.unige.it)

Universidade Nova de Lisboa/FCSH (j.fsousa@fcsh.unl.pt)

National Technical University of Athens (dsvlr@mail.ntua.gr)

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (jl@almazan.eu)

University of Strathclyde (evangelos.boulougouris@strath.ac.uk – georgios.vavourakis@strath.ac.uk)


Please download the presentations of the lectures


Investigation into the Sinking of the Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry SS HERAKLION (part 1)

Investigation into the Sinking of the Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry SS HERAKLION (part 2)

Important ship accidents with impact on maritime regulations

Titanic (1912) – 2½ hours Sinking after contact with an iceberg

Andrea Doria (1956) – Capsized 11 hours after being struck by ’Stockholm’

SS Heraklion

European Gateway (1982) – 10 min Capsized after being struck by ’Speedlink Vanguard’

Herald of Free Enterprise (1987) – 90 s Capsized after water shipped on deck

The Estonia Disaster

Investigation into the Sinking of the Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry EXPRESS SAMINA

Water on Deck Model Sequence

Review of regulatory framework of Damage Stability of Dry Cargo and Passenger Ships

Understanding ship operating profiles with an aim to improve energy efficient ship operations

The role of the MCA & contingency planning in UK oil spill response, ISPS code and BMP

Drivers Towards Energy Efficiency


Actions for enabling energy efficiency savings

Energy Efficiency – SEEMP

Understanding ship operations

Energy Efficiency – EEOI

Dynamic Energy Modelling for Ship Lifecycle Performance Assessment

Deterministic framework for damage stability


IMO EEDI from design perspective

Introduction to IMO

Inspections, Surveys and Certificates

Introduction to regulatory Framework for Damage Stability

Marine Engine/ Ship Propulsion System Simulation

Risk-based onboard guidance to the master for avoiding dangerous seaways

Risk-based design and formal optimization of passenger ships and tankers

Risk Based Damage Stability Requirements

Investigation into the Sinking of the Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry EXPRESS SAMINA

Post-damage (Electrical) Systems Availability

Introduction of evacuation

Introduction to SRtP

Creating Novel Ship Design Concepts with Advanced Optimization Environment

Risk-based design, Risk-based regulation & risk-based operation

VELOS – A VR Environment for Ship Applications: Current Status and Planned Extensions


Safety and energy efficient marine operations_accidental databases

Safety and energy efficient marine operations StudyCaseLargeTankers

Safety and energy efficient marine operations_StudyCasePassShips