05 June 15

TrainMos II: here the training provision

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trainmos-2TrainMoS II Partners will deliver a set of courses for professionals and for post-graduated.

The professional courses

6 courses target professionals of the various sub-sectors of the multi-modal transport chain.

The courses enlisted below, whose contents have been adapted to the real market needs according to key stakeholders inputs collected during a wide consultation phase, will be offered free of charge.

  1. Maritime sustainability and energy savings

Leader: Magellan (apm@magellan-association.org)

  1. Port planning, infrastructure management & LNG supply chain

Leader: Universidad Nova de Lisboa/FCSH (j.fsousa@fcsh.unl.pt)

  1. Logistic issues and single window directive

Leader: Magellan (apm@magellan-association.org)

3a. Management of the supply chain

3b. European Single Window Directive and legal aspects of maritime transport

3c. Information Management Systems

  1. Safe return to port

Leader: University of Strathclyde (evangelos.boulougouris@strath.ac.uk)

  1. Evacuation and Crisis management

Leader: University of Strathclyde (evangelos.boulougouris@strath.ac.uk)

  1. Elements of maritime and intermodal transport management

Leader: Magellan (apm@magellan-association.org)

Contact course leaders to get more information!

Each course will last around 3 days of full-time frontal lectures, workshops and simulations. Courses will be delivered from July to November 2015 with a pre-defined calendar. Following registration, professionals and organization/institutions will attend the selected courses hosted by the Project Partners, offering also remote connection through a dedicated IT tool. The further consultation will be ensured by material uploading in ad-hoc e-learning platform.


The post-graduate package

The package consists of 6 individual modules that cover a range of topics usually not included in the University training provision and which are grouped in a single pathway that will be the basis of a Master of Science, awarding credits recognized at EU level.


  1. Maritime sustainability and MoS

Leader: University of Genoa (riccardo.bozzo@unige.it)

  1. Port planning, infrastructure management & alternative fuels supply chain

Leader: Universidade Nova de Lisboa/FCSH (j.fsousa@fcsh.unl.pt)

  1. Risk based methods for new fuel technologies and Single Windows

Leader: National Technical University of Athens (dsvlr@mail.ntua.gr)

  1. Port energy operations and clean power investment analysis

Leader: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (jl@almazan.eu)

  1. Safety and Energy Efficient Operation including Safe Return to Port and Crisis Management

Leader: University of Strathclyde (evangelos.boulougouris@strath.ac.uk)

  1. Alternative Fuels in the Common European Transport Space through Intelligent Investment Design and Innovation

Leader: All Universities involved (evangelos.boulougouris@strath.ac.uk)

Contact course leaders to get more information!

The classes within each individual module will take place from September to November 2015, in 5 Universities involved in the Project and in the form of frontal lectures (approx. 80 hours per module). English will be the official language and students spread in the 5 Member States will attend the classes in live web streaming through a dedicated IT tool. Contents will be then uploaded/made available in an ad-hoc e-learning platform for further consultation.

The modules that are not delivered in your country, can be attended through a videoconference tool as system of distance learning. If you live/if you study in one of the countries of the university partners, please contact the University of your country  to attend one of the modules or more. If you don’t live/if you don’t study in one of the countries of the university partners please contact the university partners closer to you to attend one or more modules.   www.trainmos2.eu



University of Genoa /Perform (salini@perform.unige.it)

Universidade Nova de Lisboa/FCSH (j.fsousa@fcsh.unl.pt)

National Technical University of Athens (dsvlr@mail.ntua.gr)

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (jl@almazan.eu)

University of Strathclyde (evangelos.boulougouris@strath.ac.uk – georgios.vavourakis@strath.ac.uk)