19 March 15

TrainMoS II Consortium is keeping its promises with stakeholders and goes full steam ahead



Following the last November kick-off meeting, TrainMoS II Project partners gathered again on the 10th of March in Brussels, Scotland House venue, right on the Commission’s doorsteps.

Almost halfway through, the Action (2013-EU-21012-S), co-financed by the European Commission under the TEN-T 2013 Multi-annual Call for Proposal and aiming at supporting the expansion of knowledge on MoS-related issues taking into account emerging needs and challenges of the multi-modal transport system, is entering in a crucial phase.

In the next months, the 5 Universities taking part in the Action (University of Strathclyde, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas-Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Università degli Studi di Genova, National Technical University of Athens), passing through a student’s selection that will start shortly, will deliver 6 classes. These, targeting post-graduates, will lay the basis for a Master of Science covering subjects such as “Maritime Sustainability and MoS”, “Port planning, infrastructure management and alternative fuel supply chain” and “Energy efficient operation including safe return to port and crisis management”.

Such classes will be then coupled with a series of individual courses with a different cutback and structure, targeting professionals and addressing, among others, “Logistic issues and single windows Directive”, “Damage control operations” and “Elements of Maritime and Intermodal Transport Management”.

Notably, all the classes and courses of the TrainMoS II have been integrated and modified by key  stakeholders that played the role of training provision’s co-designers within an extensive consultation.

And exactly on this point Simona Costa, Head of Regione Liguria Brussels’ Office, stressed the matter of stakeholders’ active involvement: “We are standing up for making pro-active stakeholders leading actors in this process as this is clearly the added value of the Project. In the last three months we as a Consortium have been through 10 among Focus Groups and Workshop to collect high-level stakeholders’ feedback throughout Europe. Bilateral interviews and a web consultation have been also undertaken and few other Focus Groups are yet to come. The results obtained for the time being reflect the vision and perception of more than one hundred representatives of various entities directly involved in the intermodal transport system at EU level, from Ministry of Transport and other governing bodies, to port communities, shipowners associations, shipyards, port captaincies and many others. Several of them already asked us to become lecturers within the Project, thus sharing their experience to students and professionals. We took seriously all their indications and we are fine-tuning the programme accordingly. In five words, we are keeping our promises.”

As usual, the TrainMoS II Consortium is keen to keep the relevant players, as well as the general public, up-to-date with its evolution. Hence, do not miss upcoming news on this promising Project, even through the onthemosway.euportal.