19 February 15

TrainMoS II: another piece of the stakeholders training needs puzzle.

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Within the well-known TrainMoS II project, co-financed by the European Commission and its Executive Agency INEA, the second Italian Focus Group at national level took place yesterday in Rome. After the first of such meetings held last December at RAM (Rete Autostrade Mediterranee), at this round Confitarma (the Italian Shipowners’ Confederation that represents more than 90% of the Italian merchant fleet) kindly hosted the meeting in one of its breath-taking rooms, gathering representatives coming from both the private and the public domains of the maritime transport system

At the helm with Confitarma, in fact, the Italian Ministry of Transport joined the Focus Group, with RAM, Comando Generale delle Capitanerie di Porto, Consar, Federagenti and Venice Port Authority to follow. On the other side, the University of Genoa-PerForm, Circle srl and Regione Liguria Brussels Office (organizer) leaded the meeting on behalf of the TrainMoS II Consortium, and that with the moderation of Simona Costa and Giacomo Benedetti provided key stakeholders with an overview of project goals, activities and a detailed description of the proposed training provision to collect their views on the matter.

Not surprisingly, representatives of the private companies went straight to the point, underlining that the system they are part of in the Mediterranean area, bearing in mind the need for a forward-look at the new challenges at the horizon in the years to come (notably LNG’s effective and widespread deployment), must firstly address the most urgent issues it faces today. Thus, special emphasis was put on the logistic aspects, the application of the Single Window Directive and on all the training elements linked with e-documents processing and management. At the same time, other fields of crucial interest where safety issues, the impact of new technologies in daily operations and a host of subjects to wide to be condensed in few lines.

In a nutshell, this is another step forward within the stakeholders consultation phase, but it’s just a piece of the puzzle. Other Project partners throughout the EU are in fact doing the same, and 9 Focus Group will be undertaken within the end of the month highlighting the diversified requirements in terms of training that all the actors of the multimodal transport chain are calling for. The outcome of such a wide consultation will certainly be a training provision that will be streamlined with market’s real needs, in parallel targeting both professionals and post-graduates, thus hopefully delivering a positive, though indirect, social impact.

What is certain instead, is that the TrainMoS II Project is gaining momentum, and that the associated stakeholders platform is steadily being enlarged.