11 May 12

Training courses provided by EMSA for member states

Article 2(c) of EMSA’s founding Regulation (1406/2002/EC) provides that the Agency shall “work with the Members States to: organise, where appropriate, relevant training activities in fields which are the responsibility of the port State and flag State”.

In performing this task, EMSA has been organising a broad range of training activities for Member States and others covering all fields of EMSA’s mandate: port State control, ship security, traffic monitoring, port reception facilities, marine equipment, pollution response, maritime labour convention, implementation of EU law, etc.

The purpose of this inventory is to set out, in one document, the programmes that form the basis of EMSA’s routine training activities. It describes those training courses which are provided on a regular basis for the benefit of Member States, even if these are not necessarily held every year. While the majority of training activities are organised on a regular basis, EMSA also occasionally provides some ad hoc courses to cover the very specific needs of maritime administrations at a particular time.

Source: emsa.europa.eu