27 April 16

TRA 2k16: looking forward a digital era for transport

Ended on April 21st  the 6th European Transport Research Conference (TRA) “MOVING FORWARD: Innovative solutions for Tomorrow’s Mobility”  at the PGE Narodowy of Warsaw (Polony).

Thanks to the relevance in the transport, scientific and research sectors, RCMS project was invited to be in the European Commission Booth to present the “3D architect model”  (For more news about the project http://www.rcms-project.net/ )

About the TRA 

The participants in TRA2016 themed “Moving Forward – Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow’s Mobility” recognise that transport research and innovation, especially when geared towards application, play a critical role in addressing major societal challenges, in achieving key European policy goals, in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the European transport system and in boosting the competitiveness of
its economic players.

Over a period of 10 years and through its six editions TRA has been ‘Moving Forward’ and has contributed in driving research towards innovation and market uptake.  It has showcased technology developments, new transport paradigms and innovative business models for mobility and logistics that are paving the way towards a better future transport system for Europe.

Throughout the four main sessions of the TRA event it emerged that Transport R&I contributes substantially to enhancing European social and economic integration, delivering energy efficiency and other policy objectives, seizing the opportunities stemming from automation and other new developments, more generally bringing about a more efficient and greener transport system for the future. 

The TRA2016 participants also consider that trans-national cooperation across Europe and beyond is important. Such cooperation is needed It is important to expand the knowledge base, share the risks, achieve critical mass and to tackle more effectively the common challenges through the implementation of innovative solutions.

The biennial Transport Research Arena is the common platform for the surface transport stakeholders, the place where all the relevant organisations meet, discuss and develop cooperation.
This convergence is a prerequisite to achieving a modern transport system that is fully integrated and apt to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Transport is a key pillar of European competitiveness and job creation. It needs to address the present and future societal challenges in the areas of energy, emissions and congestion while meeting the users’ expectations for the affordable and safe mobility of people and goods. In order to achieve efficiency and sustainability, transport sector has to rely on smart, clean and safe means of transport, infrastructure and services, as well as on the research based programs that would help transport users to adjust their behaviour appropriately to changing technologies and environment.

Meeting these challenges requires a renewed commitment to join efforts and resources to bring research results to deployment, with an integrated and holistic end-to-end approach across the sector and the stakeholders.

“A Digital Era for Transport – New Solutions for Society, Economy and Environment” will be the theme of the next TRA2018 that will be held in Vienna, Austria. The prospect is to explore the new promising opportunities that digitalisation opens up for transport. The commitment of all the TRA stakeholders is to join forces during the coming two years, share experiences and achievements in order to make the next TRA most substantial and relevant.