15 December 17

TOP TEN NEWS OF 2017 – Discover On the MoS Way most read articles!

Discover below the 10 most read articles of On the MoS Way during 2017!

1. How the Blockchain system will impact in the shipping world?

2. Blockchain Breakthrough for Paperless Bills-of-Lading

3. MoS Corridor Forum in Brussels: The Photo Gallery

4. MoS Corridor Forum: another opportunity to discuss on the priorities and future strategy of the Motorways of the Sea

5. BiLOG – Logistics and Maritime Forum: European trends and Regional perspectives

6. International Conference “The role of Mediterranean ports in the European transport networks” – Civitavecchia, 24th November

7. The Escola Europea collaborates with an innovative project to build the New Mediterranean Corridor

8. The next MoS Forum in Brussels is approaching: another step further for the Motorways of the Sea Detailed Implementation Plan

9. Simulating LNG operations in Poseidon Med II ports

10. Decarbonisation: from issues to opportunities | Next call for proposal

On the MoS Way Staff