07 November 17

The WEBINAR presentation: On the MoS Way | Digital multichannel tool for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation in Maritime and Logistic EU funded projects

webOn 19th of October, the WEBINAR “On the MoS Way | Digital Multichannel Tool for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation in Maritime and Logistic EU funded projects” organized by Circle | Connecting EU was held. Mr Alexio Picco, TEN-T, MoS and ITS Advisor and Director at Circle srl explained in detail all potentialities of the multichannel platform.

www.onthemosway.eu is the digital multichannel platform dedicated to Motorways of the Sea as maritime dimension of TEN – T Network and focused on the full range of Door to Door maritime and logistic chain themes.

It is more than a web portal: it is a structured and «all around» service for information and Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of EU funded projects in Maritime,Transport & Logistic fields.

Born in 2013, it aims to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of freight, logistics and maritime co-modal transport.

The responsive web site gives a regular round up of the most important news in these fields thanks to partnerships with specialized news titles and to the original contents by onthemosway staff, a multimedia section gives visibility to the interviews to the key players of the industry, a Training and Knowledge Center spread the knowledge coming from the projects (i.e. LNG, Evacuation and Crisis Management, Single Winsow Directive) and an Event Calendar keeps the user updated about the most important meetings of the industry.

In addition to the web site there are different channels to keep in contact with onthemosway.eu: the bi-weekly newsletter with 3 exclusive contents sent to around 1150 recipients and the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog) with a community of around 700 qualified members.

Onthemosway.eu has also a special focus on the Events coverage: with Twitter News Account, Live streaming, live videos on Facebook and on site interviews the web portal gives to the events a wider interested audience (i.e.Final conferences of projects like WiderMoS, TrainMoS I and II, RCMS; MoS Fora for MoS Workplan; industrial events like BILOG); and with the Web and Mobile App “Search for maritime and logistics training, job and services” it is really close to the industry’s needs. Onthemosway.eu is a focused communication tool, able to reach a specific target and an engaged community of stakeholders.

Last, but not least, the MoS Digest, a special feature, available by registration, with contents selected by industry experts to be updated about Environmental, Logistics and Human Element issues.

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the On the MoS Way WEBINAR Presentation