08 March 16

The SYNCHRO-NET CDWG meets in Berlin

IMG_0680SYNCHRO-NET, an EU co-funded project aimed at demonstrating how a powerful and innovative synchromodal supply chain eco-NET can catalyse the uptake of the slow steaming concept and synchro-modality, guaranteeing cost-effective robust solutions that de-stress the supply chain to reduce emissions and costs for logistics operations while simultaneously increasing reliability and service levels for logistics users, reached its first 10 months duration.

On February 24th the CDWG (Communication & Dissemination Control Working Group) of the SYNCHRO-NET project met in Berlin on the Fraunhofer premises. Four partners (Circle, DHL, Polito and Fraunhofer) make up the CDWG Group.

Communication is vital to the success of SYNCHRO-NET and the meeting was the opportunity to clearly define the lines of action in terms of dissemination, communication and exploitation. The Communication & Dissemination Control Working Group (CDWG), indeed, is the link to the outside World and responsible for measuring the ‘pulse’ of the SYNCHRO-NET community (inside and outside the project). The key to appealing to the market and attracting members will be two-way communication not just traditional dissemination (one-way information).

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