16 Oct 2019

The Sustainable, Resilient and Connected Road to 2030: The 2nd BILOG 2019 exhibition-conference event, La Spezia Italy, 16-17 Oct 2019

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BILOG 2019

La Spezia, 16-17/10/2019

“The sustainable, resilient and connected road to 2030”: this is the title chosen for the 2nd edition of BILOG Logistics biennial event, Logistics and Maritime Forum, an exhibition-conference that starts with an agreement signed in July 2015 by the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea and the Municipality of Piacenza. The proposal of the Piacenza Infrastructure and Logistics Services Consortium had the intention of promoting the international component of the connection between the port of La Spezia and the Piacenza logistics center.

The first edition of the forum, held every two years, was taken place February 15th and 16th 2017 at the Piacenza Expo and could be counted on the participation of around 500 operators of the field coming from all over the world, the support of 15 sponsors, 10 partners and 7 patronages that made this first meeting a huge success.

In the wake of the first event, the second appointment with BiLOG will be held in La Spezia on  October 16th and 17th 2019 at the LaSpeziaExpò exhibition complex. Also this year, the idea is to organize an event that starts from the most local needs to reach the comparison with the different European realities. Thus a panel was conceived that included all the different needs of the maritime and logistics world. The theme of the event is well described by the three components chosen to define its title and which represent focal points for the development of trans-European
transport networks: sustainability, resilience, and connection. The forum will analyze both the regional and European dimension, giving the possibility to improve the knowledge of the EU Transport Policy and of the EU investments in the transport and maritime sector, underlining the importance of cohesion between all the players of the logistics chain.

MAIN TOPICS of this year edition:
 TEN-T network revision
 Cruises
 Alternative fuels and bio-products
 Digitalization
 Blue Growth
 Horizon Europe and CEF 2
 Rail last mile
 Ports of the Future
 Logistic Innovation
 Autonomous ships

BILOG is organized by Blue Hub, Special Company of the Chamber of Commerce “Riviere of Liguria” that works for the economic animation of the territory with detail refer to the processes of internationalization of the enterprises, consortia, clusters and the local authorities, together with Circle, a company specialized in consulting and carrying out international events in the world of transport.