03 February 17

The rise of green cruise, the MSC strategy.

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MSC-cruises-620x330In a vison of green cruise sector, one of the bigger actors MSC, has planned to develop an LNG bunkering system for its cruise after striking a partnership with ARTA.
This new partnership has been presented during the LNG Bunkering Summit in Amsterdam. The plan will create a specifically LNG Bunkering system for satisfy the cruise industry’s needs.
Yves Bui, MSC Cruises LNG project director said: “With up to four LNG-powered cruise ships scheduled to join our fleet, we are highly committed to developing the best possible technologies and systems to support the introduction of LNG to cruising. In ARTA, we have found a partner that matches our focus on innovation and the best maritime technology at sea and that understands our industry’s specific needs.”
The final result will be a developed coupling and decoupling mechanism and a double-walled hose that will allow MSC Cruises to conduct bunkering operations without disrupting the activities taking place on board the ship improving the Efficiency of service offered increasing the revenue.
Andreas von Keitz, managing director of manufacturer of gas and liquid transfer solutions ARTA said: “We are exceptionally pleased with the new system we have developed to suit the cruise industry’s specific bunkering needs. Thanks to our partnership with MSC Cruises we have been able to fully understand these needs and have put over 40 years of our bunkering engineering experience to good use. The result is a technologically advanced solution that will help ensure that the double-wall principle is maintained across the entire LNG bunkering supply chain.”
MSC Cruises has planned for 11 new next-generation cruise ships over the next 10 years.
The first LNG-powered vessel is scheduled for delivery in 2022.
This new strategy of MSC, it is a clear signal from one of major actor in the cruise market, to move on a green solution in respect of different rules promoted by different States and IMO, will be interest to see how the other main company will choose their own strategy.

Source: On the Mos Way staff

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