27 October 16

The RCMS Consortium is proud to announce the first technical webinar

The RCMS Project, co-funded by the European Commission, is successfully coming to an end (watch here the video of the Project)

RCMS is a robotic parking system that is able to efficiently manage and handle more containers per square-metre than traditional handling systems used in port and inland terminals.

The new system also provides optimal and adaptable responses to the needs of shipping companies and port terminal operators, as well as to truck and railways companies

By taking into account the needs of the entire shipping supply chain, the goal of RCMS is to reduce handling times between, say, the offloading of containers from an incoming ship and putting these on trucks and trains for final delivery. This means less containers stacking up in port, less traffic congestion in and around ports and a reduction in energy use and emissions. Port services can make more efficient use of existing infrastructure through adopting RCMS.

The RCMS Consortium is proud to announce the first Technical Webinar in which will be addressed the main topics and experiences coming out from the project.

During the webinar, which will take place on November 23rd, 10.30 am, the topics addressed will be:

Soon more information about the Registration!

Download here the The Agenda of webinar

On the MoS Way Staff