29 September 20

The project Gainn4Med in the GainnIT initiative

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The European Directive 2014/94/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2014 (so-called DAFI Directive) establishes a common framework of measures for the establishment of an infrastructure for alternative fuels in the Union to minimise oil dependency and environmental impact in the transport sector.


This Directive has been transposed by Italy through Legislative Decree no. 257 of 16 December 2016 (OJ series General n.10 of 13-1-2017 – Supplementary Ordinary n. 3) – in force since 14 January 2017 which pursues a twofold objective:
1. reduce dependence on oil and reduce the environmental impact of the transport sector,
2. develop infrastructure for alternative fuels (including: electricity, hydrogen, methane – both in gaseous form – CNG and liquid form – LNG, including biomethane and LPG).
Legislative Decree no. 257/2016 establishes the National Strategic Framework, which must be updated every three years and is divided into the following sections:
a. supply of electricity for transport;
b. supply of hydrogen for road transport;
c. supply of natural gas for transport and other uses;
d. supply of liquefied petroleum gas – LPG for transport.


The medium and long term objective is to promote the development of the alternative fuels market and to achieve, avoiding market distortions, the objectives of reducing emissions and safety in transport.
The national GAINN_IT Initiative, promoted and coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, was launched in 2014 with the aim of developing in a coordinated and synergistic way infrastructures and services dedicated to the promotion of the use of alternative fuels in the transport sector, particularly but not exclusively focused on the use of LNG.
From the study phase to the industrial development phase, GAINN_IT promotes the creation of LNG network supporting elements for transport in response to the specific needs of the national context and consistent with the effective development of the LNG market.


The GAINN4MED Project, coordinated by MIT DGVPTM and co-funded by the CEF 2014-2020 Programme (CEF Transport Call 2016) consists of a study with pilot interventions that aim to support the deployment of LNG in Italy in a start-up phase of the market, contributing to the decarbonisation of transport through the
transition to innovative and sustainable technologies. The project, articulated in a series of activities, foresees the realization of LNG road distributors in correspondence of strategic nodes of the TEN-T network, the test of the intermodal logistics chain via ISO container, the analysis of the possible use and diffusion of Bio-LNG, the voluntary training of the operators and the elaboration of a Business Plan in a medium and long term scenario.

The GAINN4MED Project which involves two TEN-T Corridors (Mediterranean, Scandinavian | Mediterranean) was started in March 2016 and will end in September 2020. It has a total budget of 9,300,000 Euros and a % of CEF cofinancing equal to 50%.


The Project includes 4 activities and related objectives to be achieved that were presented during the event:
1. Construction of C-LNG stations for automotive: this activity involved two Partners, Dalla Bernardina f.lli and ECOS. The goal is to start a progressive development of the Italian network of C-LNG refueling stations for road transport to remedy the lack of LNG infrastructure in the central-southern area of Italy;
2. Real life trials and logistics: the goal is to test the effectiveness of the solutions of the LNG GAINN4MED network;
3. Study of the supply chain of Bio-LNG: the main objective is to promote the use of Bio-LNG in the transport sector through the study of the supply chain, the development of appropriate guidelines and models and experimental tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of Bio-LNG as an alternative fuel;
4. Skills platform for LNG in road transport in order to develop skills for the operation of the GAINN4MED network through a dedicated skill building platform