09 June 16

The official presentation of MoS DIP to the European Parliament

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Schermata 2016-06-09 alle 15.12.25The Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) of the Motorways of the Sea (MoS) is the first official document that the Coordinator of the MoS, Mr. Brian Simpson OBE will presented to the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels, next week the 15th of June 2016.

The event is really a key one, not only for the MoS Coordinator, but also for the entire transport community involved in MoS projects, services and activities. The content of the DIP puts the base for the future priorities on which the policy agenda and the financial effort should be put in the coming years, concerning MoS as the maritime dimension of the European Union, involving therefore the entire maritime and land base transport corridors.

The content of the document is based on the outcomes of the three MoS Fora, held in the past months, that focused on the three MoS Pillars: Environment; Integration of Maritime Transport in the Logistics Chain; Maritime Safety, Traffic Management, Human Element/Training.

The Document will contain an introductive part, followed by the development of priorities for the three Pillars, an overview of the shipping operations in MoS, a qualitative status-quo assessment and the conclusion and recommendations for development priorities.

In less than one week Mr Brian Simpson OBE, and the Consortium that is helping him in this hard task, (Circle, ADS Insight and ISL) will have the first important feedback from the EU Parliament…Let’s see what will happen! Follow the last news at onthemosway.eu.