16 June 16

The Motorways of the Sea at TEN-T Days 2016

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1From Monday, the 20th, to Wednesday the 22nd of June, TEN-T Days will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the yearly appointment on EU Infrastructure Policy, promoted by the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission.

At the TEN-T Days conference, key stakeholders, national and EU representatives will discuss the development of the Trans-European Transport Network. The event will also address financial issues, in order to assess opportunities to mobilize even more investments in the future.

The 22nd of June, during the MoS dedicated session,Mr Brian Simpson OBE will present the Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) of the MoS. The session will start at 11.30 and last until 13.00, based on the following Agenda:

The TEN-T Days Exhibition will host more than 100 different projects and initiatives. Onthemosway will take part in the exhibition with a stand to showcase the portal contents and MoS projects developments.

For more information visit the TEN-T Days 2016 website and stay tuned on www.onthemosway.eu

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