16 June 16

The MoS Detailed Implementation Plan by Mr. Simpson OBE

IMG_6362On 15th of June, Mr. Brian Simpson OBE presented his first official document on the Motorways of the Sea (MoS), the MoS Detailed Implementation Plan (MoS DIP) to the European Parliament.

The presentation of MoS DIP focused on  the future priorities identified by the MoS Coordinator for the coming years concerning MoS development and enhancement. After the EU coordinator presentation an interactive discussion happened with more than 10 MEPs intervening.

The content of the document is based on the outcomes of the three MoS Fora, held in the past months (that took place respectively on 15th of March, 17th of May and 18th of May in Brussels), that focused on the three MoS Pillars: Environment; Integration of Maritime Transport in the Logistics Chain; Safety, Human Element and Traffic Management.

The MoS DIP contains an introductive part, followed by the development of priorities for the three Pillars, an overview of the shipping operations in MoS, a MoS qualitative status-quo assessment and the conclusion and recommendations for development priorities.

Please download the whole document:

Motorways of the Sea DIP June 2016