28 September 17

The Lng and the Italian case, Carnival: “All too slow”

MediTelegraphWEBTurku- In the future shall be just challenges. There are not common rules among the different countries. There are not terms of comparison with the past also for the safety side. Moreover, the supply chain is all in the making, especially in the Mediterranean Sea. The LNG as fuel is an absolute innovation for the cruise world,”as a white page all to write” explain Tom Strang, the vice-president of maritime affairs of Carnival, the man behind the project that will bring the US cruise collosum, to be the first company to invest in gas vessels. The problems of transport on board have been solved, at least about the volume thanks the storage of -162 degree.

“This strategy has been chosen because LNG is the most environmental-friendly and economical viable solution”, on market and with the gas will be feed Costa Smeralda, the new unit which the Finland shipyards of Turku are building. Within the 2020 the shipowners will have to choose and follow the rules that will be made soon available with the aim of reducing the presence of sulphur in the different fuels. “The Scrubber are an expensive retrofit option. The LNG impose to other side new technologies. But the gas is not available as we would like” explain Strang yet. It will be due to Shell, partner of US group, to develop the logistics chain. The vessel of Costa Crociere will do refueling at Barcelona, the barges will be built always in Turku, the shipyard has in construction also the new Costa Crociere vessel.

 << Now we must build the supply chain>>, said by Didier Daems of Shell that has already provided 2 barges of refueling at the port of Rotterdam. A strategy of development exists in Europe, not in Italy. Does it exist an Italian case? We asked to Strang. The manager of Carnival widens his arms: << The logistics chain is not able to grow properly in your country. Nowadays there is nothing.  There are a lot of discussions and tables opened, but at the moment nothing. For the future? Something are moving, but slowly.”

Not like in the rest of Europe: in France, at Marseille, the negotiations are advanced. In Italy, the new Costa for the moment will not spend time in the refueling operations. After, there is the train of crew that it is all to build yet. The problems will be rewarded in terms of environment respect: the gas reduce to zero the emission of sulphur dioxide emissions, of 95% the particulate matter, of 85% nitrogen oxides and 25% the carbon dioxide emissions. Carnival will utilize the LNG as fuel and has ordered 7 vessels between the 2018 and 2022 they will be available to operate in to the market.

Source: TheMediTelegraph


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