26 May 16

The last, but not least, MoS Forum dedicated to Safety and Human Element

13254649_1234787143212150_2161987801989114338_oIt was about Safety, Human Element and Traffic Management the last MoS Forum organized by Mr. Brian Simpson OBE, European Coordinator of Motorways of the Sea, the previous 18 May in Brussels.

Held at the EU premises, the event gathered more than 60 invited people, that met to discuss on these topics, identified as the third MoS Pillar. The meeting concluded the series of MoS Fora dedicated to the MoS priorities and gave important contributions for the development of the Detailed Implementation Plan, (DIP) that will be presented to the EU Parliament in few weeks, the 15th of June.

The full day event was chaired by Mr. Brian Simpson OBE that managed to gather important stakeholders, both institutional and industrial. The main issues raised were in relation to innovative maritime safety solutions and their application on MoS and the management of human element both in relation to special requirements for ports and for ship-owners. In particular same relevant elements to be taken into account were put forward such as: the migration problem, the training initiatives, the contingency measures in case of emergencies, the reduction of human errors, the training related to new technologies, the develop of Maritime ICT, the digitalization process, the development of information-sharing platforms and the management of big data, the cyber-security threats, the Single Window concept and implementation.

The agenda of the work was completed by an interesting and stimulating interactive discussion where the invited participants could raise questions and challenge the MoS Coordinator to express his opinion on several topics, but mainly on the future work that needs to be done in order to produce the DIP and carry out the MoS Work Plan; Mr. Brian Simpson OBE, enthusiastic for the participation, collected their inputs and encouraged the audience to pass the message of the relevance of MoS in the EU and to focus on the three priorities for future possible call.