02 March 17

The illustrious keynote speech of Mr Simpson at BiLOG

FOTO 7Brian Simpson, the European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea, gave a key note speech at BiLOG Logistics and Maritime Forum in Piacenza. He spoke about the EU Transport policy in general and Motorways of the Sea policy in particular.

He provided an overall picture on the development of transport core network corridors in the European Union and highlighted the important dimension of the Motorways of the Sea (MoS) policy, which is a horizontal TEN-T priority covering 329 core and comprehensive ports in Europe.

MoS supports and finance actions aimed at assuring environmental sustainability of the shipping/ports sector, it invests in upgrade of maritime links thus connecting better core network corridors as well as other maritime regions in Europe. Lastly, it supports wider benefits actions such as development of maritime sea traffic management, better integration of logistics chains, development of ICT platforms along transport corridors, training and safety.

Please download the Motorways of the Sea Detailed Implementation Plan


Source: On the MoS Way Staff

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