24 March 16

The First MoS Forum: Stakeholders discuss environmental priorities

On 15 March Motorways of the Sea’s Coordinator Brian Simpson hosted the first MoS Forum on Environment.

Over 80 participants, including Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the EU Member States, and industry stakeholders gathered in Brussels to discuss the environmental aspects of MoS.

MoS project leaders and industry stakeholders took the floor to present and discuss existing projects and environmental trends in shipping and ports, with the goal to establish how the MoS programme could help support a sustainable, green and energy efficient shipping sector.

The participants were invited to validate a paper, the conclusions of which will contribute to the Coordinator’s Detailed Implementation Plan for MoS, to be presented to the European Parliament and Member States in June. “The Motorways of the Seas programme is going to play its full role in the Trans- European Transport Network, and it is going to do so on my watch,Brian Simpson said.

This conference is the first of three events. In the lead-up to the Detailed Implementation Plan, stakeholders and EU institutions will meet again in April and May to discuss the integration of MoS in the logistics chain, safety, traffic management and human element.

The Official Press Release

Below the main moments of the day

The First MoS Forum on Environment

The Presentation of Consortium: Circle, ADS Insight and ISL

At the EU Parliament