02 December 20

The final conference of the TDI RETE-GNL project took place on 27th November

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The final conference of the TDI RETE-GNL project, which involves UNIGE-CIELI as Lead Partner of the Project, took place in digital mode last Friday, 27th November 2020.

The event was organized in collaboration with the partners of all the territories of the area in which the Italy-France Maritime 14-20 Program intervenes: University of Pisa (UNIPI), University of Cagliari – Department of Economic and Business Sciences (UNICA – CIREM), Office des Transports de la Corse (OTC), Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Var (CCIV).

The project addresses the introduction and diffusion of LNG as an alternative fuel to be used for propulsion in the marine-port sector and has set itself the two fold objective: on one hand, to identify technological-productive solutions for the distribution and bunkering of  LNG in the ports of the cross-border area based on shared standards and operating procedures; on the other hand, to identify the possible location of the plants and deposits of the primary distribution network, verifying their potential externalities and economic-financial sustainability.

Through plenary and breakout sessions moderated by Alexio Picco (Circle Group) and Prof. Giovanni Satta (UNIGE-CIELI), the final event was an opportunity to present in details the analyses and technical results of the project, with specific reference to the target area (Liguria, Sardinia, Tuscany, Corsica and PACA).

The President of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, Paolo Emilio Signorini, opened the conference, followed by the presentations of the project partners: Giovanni Satta, Project Leader TDI RETE-GNL (UNIGE CIELI), Paolo Fadda and Federico Sollai (UNICA – CIREM), Romano Giglioli and Gianluca Pasini (UNIPI). After the institutional greetings of the Councillor for Economic Development of the Liguria Region, Andrea Benveduti, an overview on the conference topics was presented by international top-tier panellists: Michele Acciaro (KLU), George Vaggelas(Aegean University), Jasmine Lam (Nanyang Technological University), Paolo D’Ermo (World Energy Council Italy), Angelo Lo Nigro (Rina).

In the first session, issues related to the technologies, components, standards and procedures of LNG supply were discussed by C.V. (CP) Giovanni Stella (Commander Porto della Spezia), Francesco Vitellaro (UNIGE-CIELI), Renaud Le Dévéhat (TechnipFMC), Caroline Galland (Gazocean), Antonio Nicotra  (Assocostieri Servizi).

The afternoon started with a focus on demand and supply of LNG refueling services by Laurent Fedi, (KEDGE University), Tommaso Franci (REF-E), Anastasia Kouvertari (Lloyd’s Register) and continued analyzing location, sizing, and economic-financial profiles related to LNG facilities with the contributions of Giulio Croce (UNIUD), Jacopo Riccardi (Regione Liguria) Marcello Ciocia e Antonio Nicotra (Assocostieri Servizi) and Dario Barsi (UNIGE DIME). The last part of the session saw the interventions of Giorgia Morchio (UNIGE-CIELI), Gian Enzo Duci (EsaGroup), Sara Tonini (Tecnocreo) about the environmental impacts and safety of LNG.

The day-event ended with a round table moderated by Gian Enzo Duci (Federagenti), who animated the dialogue between some distinguished industry and association representatives with specific reference to sustainability: Guido Barbazza (Wärtsilä), Michele Francioni (MSC Cruise), Silvia Migliorini (Assogasliquidi /Federchimica), Franco Porcellacchia (Costa Cruises), Dario Soria (Assocostieri), Pierpaolo Vinciguerra (Fratelli Cosulich LNG), Francescalberto de Bari (Northern Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority System).