27 October 18

The Escola Europea & FONASBA sign collaboration agreements with the first partners for the SAILNET Programme

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On the 28th of September 2018, the director of the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport, Eduard Rodes, travelled to Naples to sign an agreement of collaboration with the partners of the SAILNET Programme: Mr. Gian Enzo Duci from FEDERAGENTI (Italy), Mr. A. Mantrach from APRAM (Morocco), Mr. António Belmar from AGEPOR (Portugal) and Mr. Walid Dziri from All seas Shipping Agency (Tunisia).


The meeting took place during the Naples Shipping Week assembly dedicated to “Port&ShippingTech”.

The signature of the agreement constitutes the kick-off of the Escola’s new exchange programme: SAILNET – Ship Agents Interchange Learning Network. This project has the aim to implement a unique network of knowledge made of courses and internships for young and promising maritime and logistics managers.

SAILNET is an international training and exchange programme successfully established today in 6 countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia and Argentina). The course is an interactive, hands-on series of sessions designed to provide young professionals with knowledge and leadership skills, with the content of the sessions building on each other.
Promoted by FONASBA/ECASBA and ESCOLA EUROPEA with the support of the national shipping agents associations of the involved countries, the main aim of SAILNET Programme is to implement an Exchange programme, which may lead to possible collaborations between the companies and firms of the internships.
This kind of international and intercultural approach also fosters the creation of new and lasting relationships and, more widely, of a network of people from around the world that could one day result in solid professional and
collaborating bonds.

Check out the website http://www.sailnetprogramme.com to find out more about the SAILNET Programme.
For more information on the Escola you can write to info@escolaeuropea.eu.

About the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport

The Escola Europea is a training centre and a reference point for intermodal transport and logistics in Europe, promoting sustainable logistics through innovative courses.
The organisation centres its activities in three principal areas: Research and Innovation, Knowledge and Training.
The Escola Europea began its activities in 2006 as a training centre for European professionals and students of logistics, transport management and international commerce. Years later, the institution gained experience and know-how in areas of international and national project administration, communication, content creation, and development and promotion of logistics modules by collaborating with known European institutions and businesses.