29 July 19

The Connecting Europe Facility Investing in European networks: Five years supporting European infrastructure – July 2019

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Connecting Europe Facility

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is a key EU funding instrument to promote growth, jobs and competitiveness through targeted infrastructure investment at European level.It supports the development of high performing, sustainable and efficiently interconnected trans-European networks in the fields of transport, energy and digital services. CEF investments fill the missing links in Europe’s energy, transport and digital backbone.

The CEF benefits people across all Member States, as it makes travel easier and more sustainable, it enhances Europe’s energy security while enabling wider use of renewables, and it facilitates cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses and citizens.

In addition to grants, the CEF offers financial support to projects through innovative financial instruments such as guarantees and project bonds. These instruments create significant leverage in their use of EU budget and act as a catalyst to attract further funding from the private sector and other public sector actors.

Since January 2014, INEA is your gateway to funding under the CEF. INEA implements most of the CEF programme budget, in total €28.7 billion out of €30.4 billion (€23.7 billion for Transport, €4.7 billion for Energy, and €0.5 billion for Telecom).

The CEF is divided into three sectors:

CEF Energy
CEF Telecom
CEF Transport

One of the key priorities of CEF is enabling and strengthening the synergies between the three sectors. Actions across sectors may enable costs or results to be optimised through the pooling of financial, technical or human resources, thus enhancing the effectiveness of EU funding.

The first Call for proposals to support synergy actions between the transport and energy sectors was launched in 2016.

European Investment Project Portal (EIPP)

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Upcoming CEF calls

Call Publication date Deadline
2019 CEF Transport Blending Facility call June/July 2019  1st cut-off date
in December 2019

Open CEF calls

Call Publication date Deadline
2019-2 CEF Telecom call 4 July 2019 14 November

What has the Connecting Europe Facility achieved so far?

Creation date: July 24, 2019

Investing in European networks. The Connecting Europe Facility – Five years in supporting European infrastructure‘ presents the key features of the programme, its achievements over the past 5 years and gives a brief outlook on the challenges up to 2020.

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is a flagship funding programme with a key role in supporting the European Commission’s priorities related to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and the EU’s Europe 2020 Strategy objectives in the area of energy and climate policy. Since its launch in 2013, the CEF has been supporting the development of high performing, sustainable and efficiently interconnected trans-European networks in the areas of transport, energy and telecommunications.

Since the programme started, the European Commission has allocated €26.4 billion for a total investment of more than €55.5 billion in the three sectors. Since 2018, CEF has integrated a new action supporting the connectivity of EU citizens with the WiFi4EU initiative, which aims to provide free public Wi-fi via public sector bodies across all EU Member States and participating EEA countries (Norway and Iceland).

The results presented in the brochure clearly show that CEF continues to deliver on its promises – providing European added-value for the completion of sectorial networks, facilitating synergies between them and leveraging private finance.

Take a look at the online publication for a wealth of data and examples on the achievements in all three CEF sectors.


Source: INEA