13 March 20

The 6th International LNG Congress came to an end

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BGS Group is a team of professionals with solid experience in organization of business events in energy sector worldwide. Every goal is a challenge. Big or small, easy or hard. No matter how much work has been done, how many people were involved. If your goal is not achieved, everything is in vain. In BGS we care of every goal of every our guest. Personally committing to its fulfilment. This world is not impacted by loads work or bold ambitions. Its impacted by goals, that are achieved.

International LNG Congress organized by BGS Group is one of the most intent Liquefied Natural Gas events in Europe. Here gather the participants from the leading LNG companies: project shareholders, EPCs, LNG shipping companies, LNG trading houses, equipment manufacturers, service providers, and end-users. The International LNG Congress has its history and in the last few years more than 400 requests were processed, 200 VIP meetings were made and representatives from more than 200 companies attended the LNG Congress.