02 August 17

Texan port wins kudos for environmental performance

Port-of-Corpus-Christi-Texas Corpus Christi has become the first port in Texas USA to gain kudos from green certification which recognises its environmental performance.

The fourth largest port in the US in total tonnage, the Port of Corpus Christi was assessed as part of Green Marine’s voluntary environmental certification programme, for its ability to addresses key environmental issues, including reducing air emissions, minimising community impacts, and demonstrating environmental leadership.

“The Port of Corpus Christi has once again demonstrated its leadership in achieving this certification in line with the port’s commitment to improving air quality, water quality, soils and sediments, wildlife habitat, and sustainability,” said Sean Strawbridge, Port Corpus Christi deputy executive director and chief operating officer.

Located on the western Gulf of Mexico, with a 36-mile, 47-foot deep channel, the Port of Corpus Christi was required to benchmark its annual environmental performance and be externally audited as part of the certification process.

There are currently more than 100 organisations participating in Green Marine’s programme for North American port authorities, terminal operators, and shipping lines.

They include the Port of Seattle, Port Everglades, Port of New Orleans, Ceres Terminals, Glencore, Kinder Morgan Westridge Terminal and Marine Atlantic.

Source: Greenport

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