28 August 13

TEN-T 2012 Multiannual Call: guidelines and approved projects.

August 28, 2013


Since 1995, the European Union has the possibility of granting financial aid to projects of common interest included in the EU Guidelines for the development of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

 Since 2007, in the financing framework until 2013, the entire €8,013 million budget has been allocated: amongst the supported projects are actions and initiatives directed to implement initiatives of  key European added value, such as cross-border sections and solve important issues throughout the TEN-T Network.

This call is based on the TEN Regulation as well as the specific Commission Implementing Decisions on the Multi-annual  Work Programmes for grants in the field of the TEN-T network for 2012 and 2013. Under this call were received 197 project proposals, of which 189 fulfilled the formal eligibility criteria. In evaluating these proposals, the Commission collaborating with the TEN-T Executive Agency, strictly applied the criteria set out in the TEN Regulation and in the 2012 and 2013 Multi-annual Work Programmes. External experts in the evaluation of all eligible proposals ensured the utmost objectivity and technical quality of the whole process.

In the Motorways of the Sea framework, the projects that have received the official approval are: LNG Rotterdam Gothenburg; SEAGAS; MONALISA 2.0; Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea-WINMOS; Pilot: LNG bunkering infrastructure solution and pilot actions for ships operating on the Motorway of the Baltic Sea; PILOT SCRUBBER; TWIN-PORT; Kvarken multimodal link – midway alignment of the Bothnian Corridor; Methanol: The marine fuel of the future; ANNA – Advanced National Networks for Administrations; Business to Motorways of the Sea; WiderMoS; Sustainable Traffic Machines – On the way to greener shipping.

These projects share the common goal of implementing a more sustainable alternative to the overcrowded traditional transport networks.