12 June 17

Technology is priority for port decarbonisation

Eamon-OReilly-ESPOStakeholders were urged to channel their energy into new technology to enable ports to embrace decarbonisation at a recent ESPO conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Delivering a climate change presentation at the June event, Alvaro Rodriguez, director of climate leaders at The Climate Reality Project, told delegates that new zero-carbon technologies are within reach, but that these must be made available to ports in order for them to contribute to decarbonisation.

ESPO’s chairman, Eamonn O’Reilly, said: “This conference clearly showed that ports are willing and able to significantly contribute to decarbonisation as and when new technologies make this possible.”

During the ‘Ports in a changing Climate, a Changing world’ conference, European port representatives stressed the importance of maintaining control over the strategic aspects of a port, in particular ownership of the land.

It was established, however, that ports do not wish to see any legislative intervention to limit investments in their ports.

European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, said the Commission’s maritime priorities for the year were competitiveness, digitalisation and decarbonisation. She launched the European Ports Forum to advise the Commission and to define and start joint initiatives.

Mr O’Reilly added: “We very much appreciated the presence of the Commission at the highest level.  It shows the openness of the European institutions to listen to the voice of the ports. We welcome the establishment of the European Ports Forum. We hope that ESPO, representing all European port authorities in their diversity, will be strongly represented in this forum.”

Source GreenPort

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