09 November 17

Tackling green port challenges of the future

Horizon-2020-projectAn EU-funded green initiative project aims to define the green port of the future and tackle its challenges.

Consulting firm Circle will manage the ‘DocksTheFuture’ project selected by INEA under the EU Horizon 2020 Programme within the ‘Smart, green and integrated transport’ challenge, which includes areas such as aviation, infrastructure, green vehicles and ‘Blue Growth’.

The €1.2m project aims to define the ‘Port of the Future’, circa 2030, together with the challenges related to simplification and digitalisation of processes, dredging, emission reduction, energy transition, electrification, smart grids, port-city interface and the use of renewable energy management.

2030 targets

When the challenges have been identified, the project then wants to identify appropriate KPIs, monitoring and evaluation and lead to the ‘Port of the Future Road Map for 2030’.

The road map will include tools for evaluation and transferability of Port of the Future solutions, R&D and policy recommendations, training packages and the creation of a ‘Port of the Future Network of Excellence’.

Circle will lead a working group consisting of academic partners (Institut für Seeverkehrswirtschaft und Logistik – ISL in Bremen, Germany, and University of Genoa, Italy) and of consulting companies Magellan (Portugal) and Ports Expertise (Belgium).

The project is due to run for 30 months from January 2018.

Soruce: GreenPort

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