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Sweden-Poland Sustainable Sea-Hinterland Services “Sustainable Swinoujscie-Trelleborg MoS based on upgrading port infrastructure, developing intermodal transport and integrating hinterland corridors.” – Part 2

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Sweden-Poland Sustainable Sea-Hinterland ServicesThis Action, twinned with Action 2014-EU-TMC-0641-M, is part of a Global Project, aiming at enhancing the integration and accessibility of European transport corridors through additional investments in the MoS link between the ports of Trelleborg and Swinoujscie. It follows a previously TEN-T financed Action no. 2013-EU-21004-P.

The ports of Trelleborg and Swinoujscie are both important European transfer nodes and their connection links the European Baltic-Adriatic corridor with the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor. The proposed development enables for a larger integration of European economic zones and of international (intermodal) freight between Scandinavia, through Poland with the Central-East European countries.

Investments will be made into developments and relocation within and towards the port of Trelleborg, alleviating the existing congestion through the city centre and into a new onshore power connection in berth 5.

In the port of Swinoujscie works will be conducted to modernise the port infrastructure and to enable the development of intermodal operations. Works include the reconstruction of berths no. 5 and 6, the creation of three waiting and manoeuvre yards for freight trucks and the creation of new intermodal handling facilities for rail traffic.

Member States involved:

Poland, Sweden

Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2014

End date: December 2019

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Sweden-Poland Sustainable Sea-Hinterland Services

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Source: INEA