24 March 15

Sustainable Traffic Machines – On the way to greener shipping

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sustainable traffic machines-on the way to greener shipping

Sustainable Traffic Machines – On the way to greener shipping

This Pilot Action covers the installation of hybrid propulsion and exhaust gas cleaning solutions on 2 RoPax vessels deployed on the maritime link RødbyPuttgarden. The ‘Traffic Machine’, a combined freight and passenger maritime service, represents a perfect fit for the market-oriented test and real-life demonstration of the planned innovative and prototype solution. The Action’s innovative character is marked by a unique combination of propulsion and exhaust gas cleaning technologies to specific requirements both of environmental regulations and standardized ferry operations. The innovative concept, to be tested within the Action, is based on a two-stage approach: reducing the vessels` total energy demand and allowing for the installation of the smallest possible scrubber configuration (minimising negative characteristics like weight, stability and space/payload issues). Energy savings will be mainly achieved by installing new sets of propellers and a hybrid drive, representing the world’s largest ever marine hybrid solution (battery capacity: 2,6 MWh). The Action provides a new standard of hybrid technology leading to pure battery operation and long-term zero emission targets. By further reducing the greenhouse-gas emissions of the ferry operation, the overall project significantly contributes to the Union’s CO2 emissions targets. Furthermore, it prepares the whole service for the upcoming sulphur regulation, presenting other maritime operators in the SECA areas a possible method of compliance without losing their competitiveness. The project results will be made public and disseminated, through defined channels, within the maritime industry

Source:Motorways of the Sea