16 June 16

Sustainable LNG Operations for Ports and Shipping – Innovative Pilot Actions (GAINN4MOS) – Part 1

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GAINN4MOS_1GAINN4MOS is a twinned Action among a number of Member States which contributes to the implementation of the LNG bunkering project in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean by:

  1. Providing the core ports of Koper, La Spezia, Venezia, Fos-Marseille and Nantes-Saint Nazaire with initial pilot infrastructures (in the first 3 cases) and fully operational LNG bunkering stations (in the last 2 cases) required to comply with Directive 2014/94/EU on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure.
  2. Providing tested technologies that can be used to retrofit and/or build a large percentage of the short-sea fleet deployed in the EU Atlantic and Mediterranean.
  3. Proving that bunkering barges, tugboats, general cargo and pax or ro-pax types of vessels can be successfully retrofitted for them to use LNG as marine fuel and that financial feasibility analyses for their operating companies after the indicators obtained in real life pilots are taken into account confirm the convenience of this choice to external sea carriers.
  4. Paving the way for the implementation of LNG as fuel for ship and port machinery.
  5. Increasing the competitiveness of port services and shipping by reducing their fuel operational costs.
  6. Strengthening new EU niche markets associated to LNG.
  7. Providing involved Member States with the practical and operational background, experience and results necessary to deal with the challenges posed by the Sulphur Directive and by the Alternative Fuel Infrastructures Directive.

Member States involved:

Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia

Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2015

End date: September 2019

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Source: INEA