14 June 16

Study and deployment of integrated gas & water cleaning system and biofuel-MGO blend for the upgrade of the Atlantic corridor

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Study and deployment of integrated gas & waterThe Global Project aims to run a global plan for ecological transition making the maritime sector, operating in the Atlantic and the North Sea-Mediterranean corridors, more sustainable.

The Action contributes to the Global Project by demonstrating and validating two new emission reducing techniques in an operational environment and subsequently study and disseminate results. The first technique comprises of a new, composite scrubber that will be deployed on a large passenger ferry (“Mont St Michel”).

The second technique comprises of two novel biofuel and NOx Tier III standard installations that limit carbon and Nitrogen Oxides emissions of a fast catamaran passenger ferry (“Normandie Express”). The Action is executed on the intersection of the Atlantic Corridor and the North Sea–Mediterranean Corridor. Harbours included are Le Havre, Portsmouth and Caen-Ouistreham.

Member States involved:

France, United Kingdom

Implementation schedule:

Start date: March 2015

End date: June 2017

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Study and deployment of integrated gas & water

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Source: INEA