02 December 18

Stolt-Nielsen Limited and Gas and Heath start construction of LNG storage facility in Oristano port

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UK companies Stolt-Nielsen Limited and Gas and Heath have started the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facility at Sardinia’s Oristano port.

The facility will be equipped with six horizontal low-pressure cryogenic tanks for a total capacity of 9,000 m³ and its construction will be completed in 2020. It will provide bunkering services to propulsion gas ships and to load tankers and heavy vehicles.

The deposit of Oristano is the first important step of a project that will mark the decisive turning point for the development of the Italian network of LNG. The project envisages ambitious foreign investments, European co-financing and support from national and local institutions.

“The appreciation for the value that this project has not only for the shareholders but for the people of Sardinia, for the economy, for the environment and for the future has convinced us to actively participate in its realisation,” the president of Avenir, a LNG company established by Stolt Nielsen Group and sector players.

Source:  Ports Europe